“The service received from start to finish was fantastic. It makes such a difference to an event when we get to work with lovely people and those who can provide such excellent service ! It has been a pleasure working with you all.  I sincerely hope to work with you again soon."
November 2014

“it corresponded so much to the expectations so we count on using your services in the next congress.”
November 2013

“The food was excellent, the room very nice and everything went so smoothly thanks to your professional endeavors.”
July 2013

“Of all the international congresses we organized, Abreu-PCO has been by far the most competent, professional and pleasant.”
July 2013

“A simple, but honest and sincere... Thank you !  For your effort, excellent work quality, professionalism, your patience, your sympathy, that made these assemplies a success, aknowledge by all!!”
June 2013

“I thank Abreu-PCO for the high professionalism and high sense of responsability in the organization of this event.”
October 2012

“Excellent organization of our meeting. Everyone enjoyed it and we are thankful that you put so much effort in this additional organization.”
July 2012

“I would like to accentuate the quality, professionalism, patience, huge availability and necessary capability of organization over time. I am very pleased with the work and I think of recommending Abreu-PCO to the organization of events.”
July 2012

“What a great week in Lisbon! Due to your professionalism, ability and people skills! It was wonderful to have worked with and met you!”
October 2011

“Thank all at Abreu-PCO for the incredible work you have done, especially for your patience and professionalism with us!”
October 2011

“Without your support it would be very hard to have done this event with the quality we wanted. The compliments we received during and after the congress showed that our objectives were reached.”
August 2011

“We thank Abreu-PCO to all their sympathy and professionalism during this project.”
December 2010

“Contracting Abreu-PCO for the management of registrations proved to be essential to release us to other activities related to the organization of the meeting.”
November 2010

“I am impressed with the quality of the service and fast response.”
October 2010

“Congratulations for the untouchable professional prestige and good name of Abreu-PCO.”
October 2010

“We would like to thank the people from Abreu-PCO for their part in the success of the conference. This is indeed an indication that including professionals in part of the operation makes for better results!”
January 2010

“You did so much to make it a splendidly rewarding conference, accommodating all our special circumstances and making it a valuable visit to the city.”
July 2009

“Efficiency, professionalism and promptitude !”
February 2009

“Everything was just perfect. From our leadership to our attendees - everyone thought this was the best world congress ever. We could not have done it without you.”
April 2008

“I want to thank the way Abreu-PCO was able to achieve the highest standard of organization. is was unanimous the satisfaction and compliments of all involved. Congratulations!”
April 2008

“The good organization and reliability that was provided by Abreu-PCO assured us a bigger ease in our work.”
December 2007

“If we ever do another conference in Lisbon, we would not hesitate to contact you again.”
November 2006

“Thanks again for all of the hard work you did for the conference. I hope the staff for the next conference will be as professional as were you and your staff.”
September 2006

“I've attended the conference since 1994, and would like to tell you that the one you organized was perhaps the very best I've attended. Your team deserve the most generous of congratulations. Thank you, thank you.”
July 2006

“In the name of the organizing committee, we transmit our recognition for the quality and elevation of the services provided by Abreu-PCO, for the professionalism and dedication of the staff involved.”
May 2003

All referral letters stated on this website are duly filed at our Abreu-PCO offices.  
For confidential reasons we are not disclosing brands or names associated with these letters, although, we may supply original communications under previous authorization of our clients.

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